Dragnetti's Ristorante Exterior

Our History

Our history dates back to 1936, when Clara Micaletti, the daughter of Italian immigrants, married Kasimer Draganowski, the son of Polish and German immigrants. Together with their children, they moved to northern Wisconsin in 1951 looking for a better life. They purchased a large, private home with the intention of converting it to a Resort. Using a family recipe for homemade pizza, they began to slowly build their reputation for fine homemade foods.

The Micaletti Family circa 1920
The Micaletti Family circa 1920

Times were difficult, and for eight years Clara would work the winter months in Chicago at Stouffers as a waitress, while Kasimer stayed with the children in Wisconsin. It was the only way to keep the resort open.

Each spring, Clara would travel by train back to the northwoods to be with the family and prepare for the busy summer tourist season. Gradually, they were able to make enough money so Clara could stay at the resort all year.

You can still visit the resort today. It’s called the Enchanted Inn and is owned and continues to be operated by the next generation of the Draganowski family.

In 1961, Kas and Clara took advantage of the opportunity to purchase a very small location on Main Street in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Starting with homemade pizza and other simple Italian dishes, the location grew into a full-service Italian restaurant and lounge. Today, it is owned and operated by their son, Jerry Draganowski and his family. It is called Drag’s Restaurant and Roman Lounge.

Though both Kas and Clara have passed on, we sincerely hope we are successful in sharing their zest for life and love of traditional Italian food with our guests.In 1981, the family opened a third restaurant, Draganetti’s, in an effort to combine both the family names of our parents, Clara and Kasimer Draganowski. Located on Hillcrest Parkway in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Draganetti’s offers a menu based on the traditional family recipes. It is also owned and operated by Claudia, Joanne and John.

Kas and Clara Draganowski